Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Venetian Masks – the creation


  1. Venetian masks were first made in Venice, Italy, beginning around the start of the medieval period.


  2. Venetian masks are made from a papier-mache base, and are then decorated in a variety of ways. These accouterments can include paint in wild colors, beads, jewels, feathers and even fur. deluxe_carnival_masks_m512


  3. The original purpose of the Venetian mask was to provide its wearer with anonymity. During a time of religious and moral persecution where communities were small and neighbors often knew each other, Venetian masks were worn when people wanted to pursue less than moral activities such as gambling, drinking, dancing or engaging in promiscuous sex.

    Modern Uses

  4. Venetian masks held on as times changed, and have since become a symbol of Carnevale festivals. Though this celebration of hedonism fell out of favor during the Enlightenment, it was officially re-introduced in 1979.


  5. There are a number of different Venetian masks, from the Bauta (a full-face, heavily gilded mask with no mouth line), to the more famous Columbino (a half mask which is attached to a stick that is held up to the face). There are more types, including Harlequin pattern of checkered black and white, and masks with huge noses and pursed lips.
Venetian Masks – the creation

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